Unexpectedly Falling in Love

I confess.

I’ve never been attracted to Florida. I’ve never wanted to visit Florida. I kinda thought those who visit the beaches are sort of a cliche.

So when Daniel said he wanted to go to Florida when we started RVing full time, I agreed just to be nice.

And, you know, I try to be open minded. I try to be somewhat gracious when I’m doing something just because the person I love the most wants to do it.

But something unexpected is happening.

We haven’t been here a week yet, and I’m falling in love with Florida.

The weather.

The trees.

The wildlife.

The people.

And I haven’t even been to the beach yet.

I’m really glad Daniel wanted to come here. I’m really glad I agreed. I’m so excited to see what Florida has to offer.

And I’m super excited to visit the beach tomorrow with Daniel and the dogs.

Is there a place like that for you? A place that you’ve just written off as not interesting? Did you finally visit and change your mind?