Friday Favorites

My new favorite thing? Riding the train to work. Really.

A few years ago the regional transit folks in middle Tennessee resurrected an old passenger rail line. Just one line which serves only one corridor into Nashville. It was kind of a test, I think.

I didn’t buy in for a while. Decided to give it a try this week. Man, do I love the Music City Star! No driving in Nashville traffic. Heaven on rails!!!

Now to get in a routine where I can write for the 30 minutes I’m on the train twice a day. 🙂

Snow Day

Okay, not really. In my day job I’m a nurse in a hospital outpatient clinic. We don’t get snow days. But even though I had to work, I did enjoy the snow a little bit through the window in our office.


Snow in Nashville
Snow in Nashville

Since I’m not much of a photographer, you can’t really see the snow flakes in this photo, but I promise they’re there. And, yes, I realize that’s really not much snow, but I’m in the South, a dusting of snow is cause for a party. Or traffic headaches of apocalyptical proportions.





When I got home from work and took the dogs out, I noticed how beautiful the trees looked in the field behind our house. Sometimes nature steals my breath and often feels me with wonder.

Snow In My BackyardI love the contrast of the evergreen trees and the brown weeds with the dusting of snow on the ground.

In the bottom photo an old, dilapidated stable peeks between the two leafless trees. The old stable has intrigued me since we moved here twelve years ago.

What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day? Do you love snow or hate it?

Snowy Barn Through The Trees