Writing Rocks

One amazing result of eating gluten-free is that I can write again. The brain fog is gone. I no longer feel like my brain held prisoner in a land of shadows.

So, I’m writing again. I’m writing a lot.


Gluten Free Me

About two weeks ago I learned my Mom has some food allergies. Most of them pretty mild, but one not quite so mild jumped out at me-gluten. I’ve been hearing more about gluten-free diets and how much better those choosing that way of eating feel. I was a skeptic.

Not any more. I’ve been gluten-free for about a week and a half just kind of as an experiment. All I can say is W.O.W! I felt a difference within 48 hours. After eleven days I feel like a new person.

The brain fog is gone.

The dark circles under my eyes are fading.

The generalized joint and muscle pain is gone. (Except for the lower back, which is caused by arthritis.)

I don’t feel bloated after I eat.

Now I’m a believer.