Reflections on the First Day of NaNoWriMo 2014

NaNoWriMo (AKA What the heck was I thinking) started November 1. I’ve signed up for the craziness before, but never really gave it my best shot. But this year is different. Not only do I have a different mind-set about, I have a story I like, and it just feels different.

So of course the few days leading up to NaNo kick-off some negativity started creeping into my thinking. But I silenced those negative voices with a first day word count of 4194. Yay me!

But what’s not so public is that a handful of local writer friends and I participate in our own little month-long marathon every October. I’ve always set some lofty goal that I’ve never reached. I decided to do something different for October 2014 marathon. I needed to get my mojo back after not writing for a couple of years.

My goal was to write something, anything, one sentence every single day of October. I needed writing to be a habit again, needed writing to become a need again.

I have written something every day since September 26, 2014. Again-Yay me!

My dream never left me, never died like I thought. It was there underneath all the negativity, underneath all the fear.