Gluten Free Salmon Patties

Okay, I admit that it’s been a couple of weeks since we did serious grocery shopping so the cupboard was a little bare. But I thought I could successfully create supper from a can of salmon and a bag of frozen peas. I did create supper. And it wasn’t a total fail. But you just really need saltines crumbled up in the salmon to make it work well.

One very important lesson I’m learning as I learn to cook gluten-free is that sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things that will send you back to the drawing board.

Adventures in Gluten Free Baking

Over the past few months I’ve learned many things about living gluten free, not the least of which is that learning to bake gluten free takes patience and a sense of humor. Thankfully I have both where baking is concerned.






These photos are items I made for Christmas.

Gluten Free Friday

One of the first websites I discovered when I decided to try a gluten-free diet a few months ago was Gluten Free on a Shoestring by Nicole Hunn. Her cookbook by the same name is the first gluten-free cookbook I bought as well.

I’ve tried several of her recipes and find them easy to follow and quite tasty. I’ve also purchased a couple of the products she recommends on her site and find her reviews accurate and fair.

Thoughts of Themes

In working on meeting my goal of blogging three times a week, I’ve been trying to think of possible themes for certain days. For instance, I think Fridays will become “Gluten Free Friday.”

My plan is to blog routinely each Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I just can’t come up with a theme for Mondays and Wednesdays yet. But I will.

Some come back Friday for my first Gluten Free Friday.

I Got Glutened

Sunday after church we went to eat at a local restaurant. I thought I was reading the menu carefully. Clearly, I was wrong.

In October I removed gluten from my diet in a kind of experiment after my mother received test results indicating a gluten allergy. I didn’t think it would amount to anything. I thought I’d be back on my usual diet after a couple of weeks. Nope, within 48 hours of ingesting no gluten I could tell a huge difference in how I felt.

I’ve learned  a lot since then. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not easy learning to read food labeling-the whole label-not just nutritional values.

Another lesson learned Sunday-tell the restaurant staff the food must be gluten free. I ordered a grilled chicken breast with grilled veggies on a skewer and a sweet potato. Seems benign. Nope. The chicken was served on a bed of rice pilaf and instead of asking for another order, I just took the chicken off the pilaf and tried to scrape any clinging pilaf bits off the chicken. Then there was the matter of the sauce on the chicken. It was a creamy parmesan sauce which I assumed-see that word-would be okay. No. No. No.

Within an hour of eating, I had stabbing stomach pain with nausea, a headache, and various other symptoms. I’m finally feeling back to normal this morning.

Here’s a link to an article at Gluten Free Easily my friend Shannon shared with me about how to recover from being glutened. I found it a very interesting read.

Writing Rocks

One amazing result of eating gluten-free is that I can write again. The brain fog is gone. I no longer feel like my brain held prisoner in a land of shadows.

So, I’m writing again. I’m writing a lot.


Gluten Free Me

About two weeks ago I learned my Mom has some food allergies. Most of them pretty mild, but one not quite so mild jumped out at me-gluten. I’ve been hearing more about gluten-free diets and how much better those choosing that way of eating feel. I was a skeptic.

Not any more. I’ve been gluten-free for about a week and a half just kind of as an experiment. All I can say is W.O.W! I felt a difference within 48 hours. After eleven days I feel like a new person.

The brain fog is gone.

The dark circles under my eyes are fading.

The generalized joint and muscle pain is gone. (Except for the lower back, which is caused by arthritis.)

I don’t feel bloated after I eat.

Now I’m a believer.