Big Step Toward Freedom

Tuesday morning Daniel and I met with our financial advisor, Debbie Murphy. We want to put our retirement money in one place and with someone who has a more vested interest in us and our goals instead of a huge company’s goals.

Daniel met Mrs. Murphy when she worked for a huge financial company that administered retirement accounts for the company we work for. Five years ago she left and began to work for herself, following her passion and gift by helping those of us without any financial know how reach our dreams.

After meeting with her today, I’m confident God led us to her. I have complete peace that she will get our retirement account where it needs to be to fund our dreams.

Do yourself a favor and give her a call. Click here to go to her website. You won’t regret it.

Budget Day

I’m going to admit something. We’ve never used a budget in our almost 22 years of marriage. It’s embarrassing, but true. I’m honestly so embarrassed, I may never publish this post.


Today we started trying to budget.

Okay, let me back up. I do have an Excel spreadsheet with our bills and their due dates. It’s not like we’re completely and totally willy nilly with our money.

But today we sat down together with last month’s bank statement, tallied up where all our money went, and wasn’t that eye opening, and created a rudimentary budget for August.

I even got organized enough to put the budgeting materials in a folder for easy access. A physical folder, not a virtual one. I’m a little old school about some things.

We may eventually move to budgeting on the computer when we get used to doing it. For now this plastic folder and printed budget sheets work just fine.

The catalyst for this much needed attention to our finances is our goal of leaving our day jobs for full time RV life late next year. We will need to learn to live on a strict budget once we are on the road. We also need to save as much as possible between now and then so we have a tiny bit of cushion.

For a while we’ll meet every Saturday to see how we did with our budget for the week and adjust as needed. I’m getting a little excited about making our money work for us for a change.

However, I’m still super, super embarrassed to admit all this publicly. So be kind, okay?

Do you budget? How often? Do you stick to it?