My Life Pie

A group of writer friends and I are working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. It’s an interesting book and a worthwhile study for me. I do like how she sees creativity as a spiritual path. 

In this week’s homework, Ms. Cameron has us draw a life pie. It works like this-draw a circle and divide into six ‘pieces of pie.’ Label the pieces spirituality, exercise, play, friends, work, and romance/adventure. Then place a dot in each piece. In areas where I feel fulfilled the dot is closest to the outer edge of the piece. In areas where I feel less fulfilled the dot is closer to the center. Then connect the dots. 

I’ve known for a while (a long while) my areas of life are significantly out of balance. But this exercise was pretty eye opening. Needless to say, I’ve got A LOT of work to do. 

Here’s my pie:


What does your pie look like? Have you ever done this exercise before? Has your pie changed recently? 

Operation Nana Spoils Little Nugget

First of all, YIKES!!! I forgot to post yesterday. I meant to do it. Even had in mind what I wanted to say. Totally forgot. And, after the whirlwind that was yesterday at work, I can no longer remember what I wanted to write about. On top of that, my stupid respiratory virus that I thought was on its way out decided to step back in for another visit. 

But, that’s okay.

I’ve got something SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOME to look forward to in a couple of weeks.


Then I can officially commence with Operation Nana Spoils Little Nugget. 

Wrap Rings and Chainmaille

Creativity is a weird thing. A very weird thing. It doesn’t care if you’re happy, sad, sick, well, hungry, or full. 

I came home from work Friday struggling with a serious head cold. Mixed myself a vitamin C-zinc drink, took some nighttime cold medicine and went to bed. 

Saturday I felt a little better, but still yucky. But the need to create was stronger than my head cold. So a wrap ring, and the start of a chainmaille necklace with a stamped pendant later, the muse sated, I took some more nighttime medicine and went to bed. 

What did you do this weekend? 

Book Report Friday

Have you ever read a book that was truly disturbing, but you couldn’t not read it? Yeah, it’s a strange question.

I’m reading The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum (Dallas Mayr). It’s a seminal work in horror fiction, but I’ve never read it. Mayr passed away on January 24 after a long battle with cancer. Those in the horror fiction community have talked about his influence on where horror literature is today. All of those writers have pointed back to his 1989 novel The Girl Next Door. 

So I started reading it. 

I’m a little over halfway through and not sure I can continue. It is the single most disturbing story I’ve ever read. And it’s all because of the way Mayr tells the story. The POV character makes the reader feel at once complicit and victimized. As disturbing as the story is, and I’m telling you it’s like the most difficult episode of Criminal Minds amplified times a billion, I can’t not read it. Mayr’s storytelling is brilliant. 

Have you ever read anything that you couldn’t read, but you couldn’t not read it?