Social Media Addiction

imageI love social media. For the most part. Yeah, I’m one of those who checks Facebook hourly. Sometimes more often. Okay, I’m an addict. Seriously. My perusing of social media takes so much time it prevents me from doing things I really want to do. Like writing. Like training the dogs. Like weaving chainmaille.

I’m embarrassed to admit it. Really, really embarrassed.

But I need help. I must break the habit. That’s why I’m going public with my addiction. That’s why I’m asking all of you to call me out if you see me trolling Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram too much. What’s too much?

Good question.

So here are my self imposed social media limits for the next two weeks. No more than 30 minutes per day on social media. All social media, not 30 minutes per platform.

During these first two weeks I’m going to see how much more of the things that are important to me I can focus on. I’m already focusing more on writing. I’m formulating plans for my chainmaille. On Monday I begin training the dogs again on a routine and systematic basis.

I am also going to search for apps that will allow me to schedule some social media posts. I do value interacting with friends and staying in touch with family. But what I admit about myself is that I have to limit my time on social media or I lose all focus.

In two weeks I’ll report in and talk about how it’s going.

What about you? Do you think you spend too much time on social media? Or do you have your consumption of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all the others under control? How do you manage your social media time? What about your kids? Do you monitor their social media time?

Snow Day

Okay, not really. In my day job I’m a nurse in a hospital outpatient clinic. We don’t get snow days. But even though I had to work, I did enjoy the snow a little bit through the window in our office.


Snow in Nashville
Snow in Nashville

Since I’m not much of a photographer, you can’t really see the snow flakes in this photo, but I promise they’re there. And, yes, I realize that’s really not much snow, but I’m in the South, a dusting of snow is cause for a party. Or traffic headaches of apocalyptical proportions.





When I got home from work and took the dogs out, I noticed how beautiful the trees looked in the field behind our house. Sometimes nature steals my breath and often feels me with wonder.

Snow In My BackyardI love the contrast of the evergreen trees and the brown weeds with the dusting of snow on the ground.

In the bottom photo an old, dilapidated stable peeks between the two leafless trees. The old stable has intrigued me since we moved here twelve years ago.

What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day? Do you love snow or hate it?

Snowy Barn Through The Trees


If I Knew I Could Not Fail

What if I fly?

In working through a creative business planner and productivity workbook to try to get me on track for 2016, this question was in the first chapter: If I knew I could not fail, I would…

The exercise is to then answer that question honestly. It’s a great exercise. I can see how it could free many people to realize what they want to inspire them to go for it.

But to someone who has pushed down her dreams for years in order to tolerate the grind of the soul-eating day job, that question incites panic, maybe terror. In fact, I waited several days after I read the question to answer it. For so many years I’ve run in fear from my dreams. Nothing has worked to make them seem reachable or reasonable to me. I have always come back to the day to day grind of making a living.

For several days I grappled with the desire to work through the exercise versus the demons of practicality telling me to just let it go, that my dreams have passed me by. The voice telling me that at fifty one years of age I’m too old to dream is strong. Very, very strong.

Finally, after several days of prayer, I overcame that voice. What did I have to lose? More self esteem? Whatever. And just maybe, I have something to gain.

So here’s my list:

If I knew I could not fail, I would…
Write and publish stories
Weave beautiful chainmaille and sell it in a successful online store
Train and handle cadaver dogs

I feel nervous just typing out that list. But there it is.

You know what? None of those are out of the realm of possibility. I can attain any or all of them. Will I pursue all of them? I don’t know yet.

How do you answer that question? If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

2016: The Year of Bright

imageYesterday we spent some time outside walking through the field across the street. The photo is my husband, Daniel, with our German Shepherd mix, Jade. She loves to sniff and hunt in the field.

The temp was crisp, in the thirties, but the sun! Oh, that sunshine made the walk glorious!

I thought, why not use that bright sunshine as a guide for my framework for plans for 2016?


I’ve spent the past few days reflecting on 2015. The month of May was the worst month of my adult life. Not going to share why-it’s still very personal. But the time after May was a time of growth, of learning, of living GRACE-both giving and receiving. And WOW! Daniel and I learned a lot about each other during this time.

So as 2016 dawns new, fresh, and bright, there is work to continue, work to well…rework, new paths to clear.

I’m not talking about resolutions. I’m talking about working through this question: If I could do anything with the guarantee it would not fail, what would I do?

Holy cow! What a question. It’s making me think. It’s guiding my work both personally and creatively.

One of the first things I need to do as I explore what my answers to that question mean is to write and blog intentionally. To do that, I’m setting up an editorial calendar. I think reading is centrally important to writing. So I have also decided to read more this year than in 2015. I pledge to read on fiction and one non-fiction book every month and blog about each one.

There’s so much more in store for me in 2016. I’m excited! This is my year of BRIGHT!

What direction are you going this year? What exciting, new things are you planning?