New Rosacea Treatment

So I’ve had rosacea for several years. Six or seven years ago I sought treatment. The dermatologist prescribed Metrogel which I used for several months. But it didn’t seem to help much. So I stopped using anything other than soap for sensitive skin and a fragrance and dye free moisturizer that is also a sunblock.

But lately the rosacea has been bothering me. Not just because it makes me very self conscious. But because it honestly hurts. My face often burns to the point of significant discomfort.

I went to a different dermatology provider this time. The last person I saw didn’t really take my concerns seriously. The nurse practitioner I saw this time took me very seriously. She prescribed Bionect¬†each morning and Soolantra¬†each evening.


I started the regimen Saturday. The photo above is right before my first application.

I plan to take pictures every week to document progress for my follow up dermatology visit on December 14.

Hoping so much this helps.


Handmade Christmas 2015

Confession: I haven’t started making Christmas gifts yet. Though my Pinterest board is growing.

But I think I found the perfect gift for my parents-photo coasters.

Check out this post on The Frugal Girls. What do you think?

Have you ever done a totally handmade Christmas? If you have, what did your family and friends think about it?

I confess, I’m so nervous! I hope everyone likes their gifts. Our society is so commercialized homemade things are sometimes seen as less than appealing.


Dog Training: Stop Door Rushing

The great “train the dogs not to rush the door when someone rings the doorbell” exercise starts in earnest.

I plan to use the clicker training techniques I learned in the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations course I took this spring.

My goal is that when the doorbell rings, all three will go to their “place” which will be a mat in the floor. It will probably take a little while to be reliable, but definitely worth it.

I think to start, I’ll train them separately. The once they gain some degree of consistency, I’ll train them all together.

Do you use a “place” type cue with your dogs? What situations do you use that cue?

Friday Favorites

Today I want to share with you my favorite dog food review website-Dog Food Advisor. It’s so hard to know what to feed our furry buddies. With the help of the information on Dog Food Advisor, I chose a food that is rated above average, is affordable for our household budget, and most important, helps our three dogs thrive.

The home page is simple and easy to navigate:

Dog Food Advisor home page


The “About” page provides information about the founder and about the information you can find on the site.


Here’s the page with the review of the food our three dogs eat. As you can see, the reviews are thorough and objective.


You can sign up to be notified via email of any pet food or treat recalls in the United States. Most pet parents I know definitely want to know about any recalls. I signed up several years ago and have never had a problem with too many or unwanted emails. I’ve only been emailed about recalls, no marketing or s*%m.


There’s even a user forum so you can interact with other pet parents who are interested in pet nutrition.


Check out the site for yourself. I think you will find it a useful resource to help you take the best care possible of your furry best friend.

What’s your favorite pet nutrition website?

Using Clicker to Train “Place”

One thing last night’s trick or treating brought home to me is that I must get back to training our dogs to go to a place on cue. The best way I’ve found to do that is by using the clicker. Damon, our little bully mix, is the most responsive of our three to the clicker. If he sees my with a clicker in my hand he immediately starts offering behaviors.

Last year I started training each of them to “place.” Such a helpful skill. I kind of slacked off on their training. So now we’re back to square one. Sigh.

Here’s Damon last fall with a nice response to “go to your mat.” We’ll get back here with all three soon.


Do you have a place cue for your dogs? Have you ever tried clicker training? How do your dogs respond when the doorbell rings?