In spite of the to do list notification set on my phone, I forgot to post this week. 😦 So that means I won’t get three posts this week-unless we count Sunday. 🙂

Getting the itch to write again since finishing the draft of my story in January. Although I’m not sure that I have a story, I do have something brewing in my brain. I’ve made a few notes, but nothing I can take off running with. But it’s brewing and brewing is good.

Adjusting Goals

So far this year I’ve done pretty well with my goals. But I think it’s time for a reality check and an adjustment. I’m not going to enter the Genesis contest. Not because I’m afraid or nervous, but because I just don’t care about it right now. Which is odd to me. But I think it’s because I know I’m not ready.

I can’t even bear the thought of looking at the story I finished in January. I’ve tried to start something new, but can’t get interested yet, the characters and their world are still forming in my mind.

Which brings me to the next adjustment. I am not going to push myself to finish two more novel length stories this year. I’d like to finish one.

Now I’m going to add a goal to the mix. I plan to write every day. Even if it’s just a sentence in my journal. I need to write something every single day. Well, something other than a tweet or a Facebook post.

Are you still on track with the goals you set for yourself for 2012?

Nose Work

I’m thinking of doing some nose work classes with Jack. There are classes locally at Leaps and Bounds Agility. The owner/trainer invited me to observe a class before participating. She seems very enthusiastic. She also has a border collie who is the same age as Jack, who she has trained to do nose work.

Anyone familiar with this training center or with doing nose work classes?

Nursing Burnout

Lately I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with my day job as a pediatric nurse. Not the whole job, but a certain aspect of it that has grown into the biggest part of my job. If I could work with patients and their families, help them find the tools they need to deal with whatever condition the physician or nurse practitioner has diagnosed my job would be great. But I spend most of my time dealing with insurance and access to medication.

In my search for a way to deal with my current state of burn out I came across and article called Nurse Burnout Prevention by Aila Accad. You can read it here. Even if you’re not a nurse, there is helpful information in the article that could be applied to many who are experiencing job dissatisfaction.

Post Draft Completion Blues

I’m still in the throes of post draft completion blues. It’s probably because I don’t have a good grasp on what I want to write next. Nothing’s really fleshed out. But I still need to write. Gotta get some words in tonight even if it’s gibberish.

Learning to Pray

Started a new class at church last night called Prayer Life. I’ve been burdened for a while about developing a deeper prayer life. I think this class will help me do so.

As part of my developing blog content, one day each week I will post about prayer.

Gluten Free Salmon Patties

Okay, I admit that it’s been a couple of weeks since we did serious grocery shopping so the cupboard was a little bare. But I thought I could successfully create supper from a can of salmon and a bag of frozen peas. I did create supper. And it wasn’t a total fail. But you just really need saltines crumbled up in the salmon to make it work well.

One very important lesson I’m learning as I learn to cook gluten-free is that sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things that will send you back to the drawing board.

Post Rough Draft Completion Blues

Saturday when I finished the rough draft of my first novel I was Snoopy dancing. Lame, I know, but that event placed a large check mark beside one of the major milestones for a writing career. So I was happy. Still am.

So why do I feel a kind of bluesy funk creepy over me? No, I don’t need medication. But it’s kind of like “Now what?” Wonder if that’s normal?

Normal or not, tonight’s the night I get over it. I gave myself a few days to not write, to relax and enjoy the accomplishment. But tonight, it’s back to the keyboard.