A New Schedule

I’m trying out a new schedule. For years I’ve been an early riser due to my job, certainly not by choice. By early I mean 4-4:30 am. Which means I’ve also gone to bed early-well before 10 pm. Over the past year or so I’ve had more trouble making myself get up early and do anything other than sit and stare at my coffee. I really hate getting up early. So here’s my new strategy. I’m going to get up at 5:30ish, but I’m going to stay up till 11:00. That way I can have a larger block of time to get some stuff done. Like write. We’ll see if my writing output improves.

Are you a night owl or an early bird? When do you get more done?

A Sign

I’m convinced that three members of the local writers’ group signing first time publishing contracts in the past week or so is a sign. But I’m not sure if it’s a sign that I should give ¬†up or a sign that I should work harder and write more (meaning write anything at all).

In the spirit of the half full glass, I’m going to say it means that I should work harder at the craft of writing, that I should not abandon the story that is driving me nuts, that I should keep going. Or get back on the path, as it were.

Regardless of the sign and what it means for me, I’m truly very happy for Patrick, Kathy, and Krista. Rock on, friends…


Not sure how I’m going to be able to handle all the 9/11 stuff this weekend.

My parents still lived in DC when it happened. Thankfully Dad wasn’t at the Pentagon that day. I couldn’t get in touch with Mom to make sure they were okay-all the phone lines were jammed-couldn’t get her on her cell. I remember being so shaken I couldn’t figure out how to turn on my cell to call her. One of the doctors I worked with turned it on and found her name in the contacts list for me.

Our news at work was pretty sketchy because someone in admin decided we had to turn all the TVs in the clinic off even though there were no patients there-they all stayed home. We watched snippets of CNN coverage on the computers-doctors, nurses, PSRs, plant ops, all of us huddled around monitors trying to figure it out. Several of us with friends and families in NYC and DC trying to call to make sure they were safe.

One of my sisters and her family lived in the Middle East at that time. It was a couple of days before we heard from them. Thankfully there were all okay.Their Muslim friends there gathered around them and supported them, as outraged at the violence as we were.

I remember going to church the Sunday after and having to leave before the service started because they were playing news footage of the destruction on the screen in the sanctuary. I still can’t watch it-NY, DC, or PA. I can’t use the phrase “Let’s roll” in¬†conversation.


Ten years later it’s still one of the most surreal events of my life.

Washed Out, Whiny Wednesday

Since I’m trying to stick to a schedule of blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I have nothing else to say, I’m going to whine.

Work kicked my tail today. I mean really kicked it. I’m tired, stressed, and grouchy.

Give me your best de-stressing ideas. Please! Hopefully something will work so I can quit whining!

My husband, dog, and both cats thank you very much.

Pondering the Future

Been thinking a lot about the future, what I want it to be and how I can work towards that vision. There are certain things I need to give up, certain old dreams that I never realized and now understand are no longer my dreams. But there are certain old dreams that linger and beg for attention.

Writing lingers, most of the time dormant, in the back of my mind. That’s one dream that just won’t let go of me. I’ve tried to shake it off. I’ve tried to ignore it. But I can’t. So I’ll pull that dream out once again, dust it off, feed it, and hope it grows.